What are NFT collectibles?

There have always been collectors of many different items; we could say collecting is part of what we do as human beings, and when something becomes valuable and unique, it is usually worth collecting too!. While in modern days collectors…
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What is cryptoart?

You may be hearing a lot lately about cryptoart, one of the latest buzzwords as it relates to blockchain technology and crypto assets,  but what is cryptoart exactly? the term refers to digital art creations that use NFT tokens as…
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What is Cryptovoxels?

If you are still amazed about the existence of NFTs, wait until you read today’s article about Cryptovoxels, a virtual world and metaverse where plots of land are bought and sold using NFT blockchain technology. The plots of land or…
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Software to generate nft collection

As expected, the popularity of NFTs has attracted the attention of many who want to profit from the booming NFT market. Lots of artists and non-artists wanting to get their collections out to the market and sell them for profits.…
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What is Decentraland?

The many practical applications of NFTs continue to set new blockchain trends that go beyond making digital files unique. From play to earn games and move to earn shoes to virtual worlds where users can own plots of lands, that…
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What is smart contracts

Blockchain technology has continued to evolve over the years with new developments such as the smart contracts and even new versions of blockchain networks that target controversial environmental issues. In particular, smart contracts are simple programs that are stored in…
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Blockchain dummy guide

When the term blockchain started making headlines and bitcoin (BTC) was first launched, not many people understood how blockchain technology worked. However, that may have changed today; After launching several more crypto coins and now with the appearance of NFTs…
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Most expensive NFT Art

If you have been looking into NFTs recently, chances are you have probably heard about the most expensive NFT arts too.  These art pieces have sold for quite a lot of money, we´re talking millions here. The artists behind these…
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Sport medals

Legend has it that the top 10 athletes in the history of the world’s 10 most-followed disciplines came together because they were concerned that their legacy, records and achievements would be lost with the passage of time.  They asked StadioPlus…
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Buy NFT’s with euros and dollars !

1. Make a transfer to:

Account number: ES59 0081 0145 0100 0396 1504
Beneficiary: NS18 S.L.
BANK: Sabadell (ES)

*(For this transaction you will be charged an additional 3% for the management costs).

2. Send us the receipt with the subject “artwork name” and edition number to  collectors@stadioplus.comFor example “artwork name” 3/10

Here you can find more information about the process