Javier Arres NFT artist

The arrival of NFT unique digital creations has given rise to a new wave of artists and collectors willing to invest in their artistic creations. One such artist is Javier Arrés, an NFT artist from Granada, Spain who has been developing his skills since he was 11 years old when he took some drawing courses; Javier Arrés NFT art gained popularity shortly after winning the London art Biennale in 2019 where he presented a work on paper that got sold minutes after opening the competition. His artistic education includes studies of the fine arts,  graphical design, and animation.

Javier Arrés NFT art seeks to connect traditional art with the digital world, and his artistic background matches perfectly with the arrival of NFT.

He is one the first to ever launch artistic creations using NFT blockchain technology. In 2019 Javier got introduced to the NFT world through the platform makerspace which focuses on exclusive digital art by the most renowned NFT artists. He now lives in London and is planning on launching more collections or NFT drops.

What does it take to be a successful NFT artist?

The recent NFT boom and the fact that any digital creation can be turned into an NFT, have led some people to believe that launching NFT drops is a guaranteed success. Javier Arrés says this is a great mistake.

“It would be like saying that If go to make a print at any printing shop, it will get sold”

Most renowned NFT artists have a trajectory, an ongoing project, and a certain style. Javier says that collectors are more willing to invest in artists that are committed to an ongoing project as well.

Javier Arrés NFT artwork

Javier develops his artistic work in two main areas: traditional ink on paper and animated work. If we take a look at Javier’s work, we will notice that he mixes different elements into a compositional entangled art. The elements may come from pop-culture icons, architecture, and civilizations, and even videogames.

What are the visual toys made by Javier Arrés?

Javier is better known for his motion GIFs that he calls visual toys. The artistic work is first created on paper and is transformed into animated art. The idea of the visual toy is to awaken the imagination of the viewers so they can interpret the art in many different ways.

Javier Arrés Visual toys art 2021

Collaboration of Javier Arrés with StadioPlus

The recognized artist has collaborated with StadioPlus to create exclusive works of art with his characteristic drawing style and animation. The launch of the ’Zanetti by Arres’ collection is a great opportunity for collectors and sports fans. The work is composed of three NFTs that represent the triumph of the former Inter Milan´s captain, Javier Zanetti, in achieving the triple championship: the Italian Cup, the Serie A title, and the Champions League. The work includes the voice-over of Zanetti where he recounts the exciting moments back in 2010.

If you still have any questions on NFTs and the recognized artists that work with StadioPlus to immortalize iconic sports moments, don´t hesitate to visit us at StadioPlus. We´ll be glad to answer your questions and welcome you into our community.


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