How to sell NFT art?

The current craze around NFT has everybody posting or just wanting to say something about it. Everyone wants a piece of the action while it is still early, and it is still early. How do we know that? Just ask anyone around you about NFTs, you´ll be surprised how many people don´t know about them.

Selling an NFT is actually easy. There are platforms out there that just make it easy for artists to create and sell their NFTs in just a few steps. Notice the word artists is underlined, and that is because many people believe that creating NFTs out of anything will result in sales, but it does not work that way. Successful NFT artists have an ongoing project and track record to support their drops. Marketing strategies and promotion of their work also play an important role. Now that we’ve made that clear, let’s get to the easy part, how to sell an NFT art.

As you may know, NFT art is not limited to 2D drawings; it can be an animated gif, a 3D graphic, it can incorporate sounds, etc, so the possibilities are plenty. Once you have you have created an artwork worthy of selling, do the following:

Create a crypto wallet: MetaMask is one popular choice to create your crypto wallet, download the browser extension and follow the prompts. Make sure to write down your security code. At this point, you can fund your wallet with Ethereum (ETH) Cryptocurrency, but it is not required. Other options are available.

Open an account at an NFT platform: head on to one of the many NFT platforms available to create an account, OpenSea and Rarible are popular choices. you will need to connect your crypto wallet to your account; simply enter the password you have set up for your wallet and accept the terms of service of the platform. 

Upload your file and mint your NFT: Click on the create button on top of the page. You are taken to a new page where you can select the file that contains your artwork, give it a name, and a description. If you previously created a collection in your profile, you can assign the NFT to such a collection. Now, choose the blockchain that will be used to mint the NFT. Ethereum is the most popular option here but also the most expensive.

Decide how you want to sell your NFT art: Now you can sell your NFT art at a fixed price or at a timed auction. If you have done a good promotion of your work, a timed auction usually does better because it helps generate a sense of urgency or anxiety over the artwork.

Pay the gas fees required to mint the NFT: Listing on some platforms is usually free; however, once a transaction occurs the platform will deduct a small percentage of the sale. In the case of OpenSea 2,5% is deducted from all transactions.

Promoting your NFT artwork

If you want your artwork to sell, you need to do some effective promotion. Otherwise, you will be throwing your money away on gas fees. Use social media to create an audience, show you projects, and upcoming NFT sales. Make sure your work is known to potential buyers before launching an auction. Some platforms such as OpenSea are able to connect your NFT collection to a social media account such as Twitter.

If you still have any questions on How to sell NFT art, don´t hesitate to visit us at StadioPlus. We´ll be glad to answer your questions and welcome you into our community.


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Buy NFT’s with euros and dollars !

1. Make a transfer to:

Account number: ES59 0081 0145 0100 0396 1504
Beneficiary: NS18 S.L.
BANK: Sabadell (ES)

*(For this transaction you will be charged an additional 3% for the management costs).

2. Send us the receipt with the subject “artwork name” and edition number to  collectors@stadioplus.comFor example “artwork name” 3/10

Here you can find more information about the process