What is Cryptovoxels?

If you are still amazed about the existence of NFTs, wait until you read today’s article about Cryptovoxels, a virtual world and metaverse where plots of land are bought and sold using NFT blockchain technology. The plots of land or properties in Cryptovoxels can be used to build anything digital, stream youtube/videos, display your NFT collection and show it to the world, and much more. Each property represents an NFT minted in the Ethereum (ETH) network that points to unique coordinates in the virtual world. Yeap, that’s something to think about for a minute. NFT technology continues to surprise us with new developments and applications, practical uses, etc. Continue reading to know more about Cryptovoxels.

How does the platform work

The fact that plots of land in Cryptovoxels are linked to NFTs makes them unique and valuable. The virtual world works similarly to a social network in which users owning a piece of property can interact with other users and visit their property and other people’s creations. The virtual world is made up of different islands with the biggest one being Origin city. You don’t need to be an owner to explore the virtual world. By clicking on Play Now on the Cryptovoxel’s main page, you can spawn as an anonymous avatar on the virtual world and visit the different parcels.

If you want to build inside Cryptovoxels, you need to buy a piece of property first; however,  You can test the platform by creating anything in their sandbox which is not linked to the virtual world parcels and is reset every hour. You can see all the properties being sold by clicking on the “buy parcels” tab. The list includes the name of the property, area (m2), height (m), location in the virtual world, and current bid price. By clicking on the parcel’s map, you can visit it to see what’s been built and check out nearby parcels.

Cryptovoxels and your sports NFT collection

At Stadio, we think of NFTs as groundbreaking technology that has changed the way we think about and deal with digital media. New developments such as Cryptovoxels give new practical uses to NFTs and increase their value. Cryptovoxels may be the perfect place to show others your passion for sports and much more.  How about displaying your sports NFT collection in a virtual world? When you hang your NFTs on your property’s wall, they will display a silver frame which means you are the NFT’s owner. You could build your own personalized space in which to show your NFT sports collection, reach other collectors and investors of NFT art, or just simply brag about what you own. The possibilities with NFTs are endless!.

Visit us at Stadio Plus. We´ll be glad to answer your questions in regard to Cryptovoxels art and welcome you into our community. Also, join us on our social media channels, Twitter Stadioplus and Discord StadioPlus.


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Buy NFT’s with euros and dollars !

1. Make a transfer to:

Account number: ES59 0081 0145 0100 0396 1504
Beneficiary: NS18 S.L.
BANK: Sabadell (ES)

*(For this transaction you will be charged an additional 3% for the management costs).

2. Send us the receipt with the subject “artwork name” and edition number to  collectors@stadioplus.comFor example “artwork name” 3/10

Here you can find more information about the process