Difference between SaaS, PaaS and IaaS

Cloud computing solutions, such as the one offered by Stadioplus, have been multiplying in recent years in the digital environment. We hear and read about “Software as a Service” i.e. SaaS, cloud computing, “Platform as a Service i.e. “PaaS”, “Infrastructure…
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Cuáles son los beneficios del Saas

Software as a Service, such as the one marketed by Stadioplus, are software programs hosted in the cloud that offer solutions to companies of all sectors and individual consumers in a very simple and intuitive way through subscriptions. Compared to…
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Qué es el SaaS

The acronym SaaS stands for “Software as a Service”. SaaS is a cloud technology wherein users can use the software without installing it on their computer, through the cloud. Updates, maintenance and security strategies are provided by the Service Provider…
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Qué es el SaaS

SaaS son las siglas de “Software as a Service”, que podemos traducir como “software como servicio”. Stadioplus es un ejemplo perfecto de lo que son las soluciones SaaS. Se trata de una tecnología en la nube que los usuarios pueden…
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Async Art

What is Async Art?

Async art takes the concept of ERC-721 tokens or NFTs to need deep levels to make collective and programmable works of art that can change and evolve over time. At first, the concept may seem a little bizarre since we…
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Buy NFT’s with euros and dollars !

1. Make a transfer to:

Account number: ES59 0081 0145 0100 0396 1504
Beneficiary: NS18 S.L.
BANK: Sabadell (ES)

*(For this transaction you will be charged an additional 3% for the management costs).

2. Send us the receipt with the subject “artwork name” and edition number to  collectors@stadioplus.comFor example “artwork name” 3/10

Here you can find more information about the process