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Jaime Mateu. Olympic skater “CyberSkate202Ø1”


𝟭𝟯𝟲𝟮,𝟭𝟬$ – Edition 10/10

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“CyberSkate202Ø1” – (1/10) It is an audiovisual piece, with the photographic technique as a base, later animated with cyberpunk style and synthwave music to convey that eighties flow that defines Jaime when he flies with his board. Also representing with this aesthetic, the progression and vision of the future of Japanese culture. The work shouts and expresses to the viewer in plea of all skaters in the world that: with time, perseverance and sacrifice, every effort gets its reward. In Jaime’s case, these qualities have led him to be an Olympic Skater. And thanks to the perseverance and attitude of all of us (the skaters) we have finally managed to be seen as athletes, and not as curb-busting vandals.


Additional details

*Audiovisual piece based on photography, digital art and animation. * Video.mp4 3456 x 2304 px (76,8 MB) *10 limited editions *The first collector of the 1/10 edition gets a skateboard deck with a printed frame of the work, signed by Jaime Mateu and Antonio Redondo. *The NFT will have functionalities in the CHROMIA metaverse.


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