Antonio Redondo about skate and blockchain “both have an anti-system philosophy as their essence, an that makes them go hand in hand.”

Antonio Redondo is a visual artist and professional photographer who combines artistic photography with advanced digital editing to create his crypto-art. Like Mateu, he has spent his life on a skateboard.

How and why was your leap from conventional art to NFT art?

I was already dedicated to the world of digital art through photography before this boom of the NFTs. Because really the NFT was born as such in 2015, more or less. What has happened is that as a result of the pandemic, both technological advances and the feeling of time seem to have multiplied, so I started investigating thanks to Arrés, who I was following on Social Networks, and he very kindly guided me. Javier was my crypto guru and thanks to him I am here today.

You decided to do this art piece because of your admiration for Jaime. What do you admire about him? What have you wanted to say with this artwork?

Jaime has many good things, I admire Jaime’s naturalness when speaking, his sacrifice, the effort he has made to be there and more things really.

What we wanted to express is that any obstacle that crosses the your path, with effort, dedication and perseverance can be overcome and you’ll get to where you want.

You are also a skater, since when have you practiced it and what does it mean to you?

Skateboarding for me has been a very important part of my life, I started skating when I was 12 or 13 years old. And it has been a way of growing up, of meeting people, of traveling, a healthy way to weave, because in my teens I didn’t like to do what everyone else did. At that time, in Spain, seeing a kid with a skate was something super strange, if so, you were “the weirdo of the town”. I liked precisely that, to get out of the normality, I have always swim against the tide.

Do you think there is a philosophical and/or lifestyle connection between skateboarding and the blockchain?

Yes, without a doubt, I think the blockchain and skateboarding have a very strong connection. Due to the suburban culture behind both worlds and although skateboarding is now an Olympic sport, both have an “anti-system” philosophy as their essence, an that makes them go hand in hand.


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